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Following Mrs. Mary Lincoln’s visit to Circle of Friends in Medina, OH on April 9, 2019:

“Informative & entertaining.  Well prepared.”  ~ Alice Cardillo 

Sent after Abraham Lincoln’s visit to the 2nd Grade class at Burton Elementary (OH) on April 26, 2019:    

“Such a wonderful presentation.  Students were so engaged and loved every minute!  Thank you for bringing history to life!”

From George Washington’s Memorial Day presentation at the Coshocton County (OH) Veteran’s Service Office’s observance on May 27, 2019:

“We’ve had a tremendous, positive feedback from the community due to the unique, historical presentation!” ~ James A.  Barstow

Received after Lucretia Garfield’s appearance at the “Destiny of the Republic” book discussion and celebration of the life of James A. Garfield held as a fund raiser for the Moreland Hills Historical Society (OH) on August 17, 2019:

“…We owe a debt of gratitude to Debbie.  [She was] flawless as [she] knitted together the story of the late President as seen through Lucretia's eyes with the questions and observations from [the] audience.  A true professional. The talk was enlightening and the conversation interesting.” ~ Maureen Geck, president – MHHS

From Lucretia Garfield’s appearance for the Quincy Gillmore Civil War Round Table in Elyria, OH on April 1, 2019:

 "{Ms. Deborah Weinkamer] played the role of Mrs. Lucretia Garfield, wife of the Ohio congressman, general, and president perfectly.  In addition to capturing the soft, understated demeanor of Lucretia, Ms. Weinkamer definitely came prepared for her modern audience, its time period, and location.  She started the program by pointing out that she had received word of the Union breakthrough success at Five Forks, that day, April 1 [1865], and expressed her hope this meant that the long war was finally nearing its longed-for end.  Later, she pointed out that…her husband served with Lt. Col. Lionel Sheldon of Elyria.  Ms. Weinkamer obviously did her homework in making the program relevant to her audience.” -~ Keith Kauffman, Editor – “The Swamp Angel” Newsletter of the QGCWRT

From Abraham Lincoln’s appearance for the Geneva-Madison (OH) Knights of Columbus Council 5286 on February 25, 2019:

"John King takes you on a trip in time, when in character, during his performance. He engages you with the tenor of his voice, the demeanor of his body, and the non-verbal expressions of his face. John truly transforms himself into Abe Lincoln with heart and soul. You are convinced that he believes in Abe Lincoln and his contribution to our American history and heritage.” ~ Paul Wadowick, Geneva, Ohio

Received after We Made History’s appearance at the 12th Annual “Dinner with the Presidents” in Mentor, OH on February 18, 2019:

“Fantastic as usual. Thank you for everything. Hope this tradition continues.” ~ Jerry Wisniewski, Manager – Yours Truly Restaurant

Sent after Lucretia Garfield’s visit to Willo-Hill Christian School, Grades 1-6, in Willoughby, OH on February 13, 2019:

“Lucretia was a wonderful presenter making her time in history and character (she and James Garfield) come alive.” ~ Betty Wallis, Third Grade Teacher

From George Washington’s program at the Trumbull County Republican Women’s Club in Vienna, OH on February 7, 2019:

“Pleasantly surprised. AND had many compliments about the subject matter and his authenticity. Wonderful costume!” ~ Roberta Shields

Sent after Lucretia Garfield’s  appearance for the Delta Kappa Gamma retired teachers’ meeting in Mentor, OH on February 21, 2018: 

“Lucretia’s ‘candid chat’ certainly revealed interesting facets of her life with and without Mr. Garfield.  She was brought to life before our eyes as you not only beautifully looked the part, but your gentle manner of speaking and subtle sense of humor captured our attention.

We, as educators, appreciate the fine art of teaching and you indeed displayed your talent in successfully instructing us in a most engaging manner.

The books, photos, and handouts made for great visual aids to enhance your presentation.  Thank you for your careful attention to detail and willingness to tote these materials to the meeting.”  ~ Nancy Kurnat, Secretary

Received after Ulysses S. Grant’s  appearance for the Ohio History Connection in Columbus, OH on February 19, 2018: 

“Wonderful info during talk, it was closer to adult-oriented, but that is fine since the crowd was mainly adult.  It was also timed perfectly!  Visitors were very interested in talking to Grant on the museum floor...  We really appreciated having him here for the whole day as well.”  ~ Michael Fouts, Interpreter

Received after George Washington’s  appearance for the Bainbridge (OH) Historical Society on February 14, 2018: 

“What a wonderful program you presented to our group earlier this month.  It’s probably the best we’ve ever had…  It’s obvious that you’ve spent a great deal of time researching your subject.  In addition, you really look like George Washington, and your period costume is beautiful.

Most of the comments from the group involved your keen memory and knowledge of your subject.  ‘Did you notice he didn’t use notes, he could pluck answers out of the air without hesitation?’

You can’t be thanked enough for your interesting and enlightening presentation – we loved it.  You can be assured we’ll be telling everyone about it.”  ~ Harriet A. Novy, Secretary

From George Washington’s visit to the Bainbridge Historical Society in Bainbridge, OH on February 14, 2018: 

You have his spirit within you.”

Received after We Made History appeared at Presidents’ Day events in Hudson and Mentor, OH in February 2018

“Just think about all the chatter today in lunchrooms and classrooms across northeast Ohio... ‘Hey, didja know George Washington's teeth weren't made of wood...Hey, didja know James A. Garfield lived in Mentor and that Abe Lincoln lives in Illinois...or, Hey, didja know Taft got stuck in the bathtub; yep, took a dozen men and a crane to get him out,’ etc., etc. 

 All kidding aside, more than a few people now have some tidbits of knowledge they didn't have before.  And that, colleagues, is what it's all about.”  ~ Dale Liikala, former portrayer of William H. Taft

 From President Abraham Lincoln’s visit to Grace Church in Middleburgh Hts., OH on February 10, 2018:

 “John came to serve us any way he could.  He came to engage our group by visiting at most every table prior to his presentation.  That was quite a feat, given that we had 32 tables.  His stories were very engaging as well.  A+.”  ~ Pastor Jim Hicks

From teachers at Normandy Elementary School after the WMH troupe’s visit for “History Alive!” on February 13, 2014:

               “My students loved the assembly. (I did too!)  I have a few students who are really interested in American History and seeing the looks on their faces when the Presidents walked into the classroom [after the assembly] was priceless!  This was a new and successful idea.  Thanks!  Let’s do it again!”

              “We enjoyed the classroom visits very much.  The living historians were amazing!  I appreciated the detail of their costumes, hair, make-up, etc.  I also appreciated how they all focused on the importance of education.”

              “What a wonderful experience for the students to see presidents and first ladies up close and personal.  I loved the whole school together for such a patriotic assembly!” 

               “I loved how they stayed in character…  I also loved how a question from a student became a story about their [the President’s or First Lady’s] experiences.  What a memorable day for the students.”

Received after General Washington’s visit to the Valley of Youngstown, Scottish Rite on February 17th:

“Excellent program.  Very knowledgeable and informative.  More than worth the cost.” ~ Randal Davis

 After President & Mrs. Lincoln’s visit on February 12, 2014 to Normandy Manor Retirement Community in Rocky River:

“We enjoyed the presentation.  It was nice that they went around to visit other residents and staff afterwards and we were able to take pictures.  Thanks.”  ~ Tammy Danilovic 


About Debbie Weinkamer as Lucretia Garfield: James R. Garfield II, the great-grandson of President James Garfield, used to say,

 “If I want to know anything about my ancestors, I ask Debbie.”


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