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Recently received from the residents and families after George Washington’s appearance at Independence Village in Aurora, OH in May 2013: 

“The re-enactor’s command of history was remarkable.  I learned more about and now appreciate more the brilliance of our first president George Washington.”  ~ George M. 

              “I have been to colonial Williamsburg and this was as excellent of a presentation as I have experienced there.  George Washington was portrayed with skill, respect, and with historical accuracy.  Well done and well-prepared!”

 ~ Jan  Schmidt-Akron, OH

               “I learned things I didn’t know!  George Washington’s presentation was amazing!  The genius of our first President was brought to life in a beautiful performance of both personal and professional triumphs.  Thank you to Mr. Fellows.”                                                                ~ J. Nedlecker

               “Excellent presentation!  Brought our 1st President to life.  Extremely knowledgeable of history.  Thoroughly enjoyed this event.  I recommend this re-enactor to every grade school, high school, and university.”

                                                                                ~ Nick Adamo-Twinsburg, OH 

               “You would not know this was a reenactment.  I felt as though George Washington was really in front of us and engaging in conversation with us!  Highly enjoyable event!”   ~Mary M.                             

From the Widow Lucretia Garfield’s program at the Ohio State Medical Association Alliance’s Fall Conference at the Lodge in Geneva, OH on September 22, 2016:

                “Comments from conference attendees was very positive!  There was not a question Mrs. Garfield did not field – very knowledgeable.

                   Warm and engaging with the audience.  Highly recommend to others!” ~ Kris Firth, President

From Abraham & Mary Lincoln’s visit to Yours Truly Restaurant in Hudson, OH to meet with Great Day! Tours’ group on July 12, 2016: 

                “Very knowledgeable about the Lincolns and played their roles very believably.” ~ Jan Rossick, Tour Director

Received after President James A. Garfield’s appearance at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library & Museums in Fremont, OH on November 11, 2015:

 “I heard a report from one of the families that her girls were really enthralled by seeing a former president.  You must have won them over.” ~ Dustin McLochlin, Education Coordinator

Received after the Lincolns’ appearance at Messiah Lutheran Church in Ashtabula, OH on April 10, 2016:

 “Mr. and Mrs. King are extremely well-versed on the lives and history of Lincoln and present their program with dignity and   charm.” ~ Ruth Hlinovsky

Comment received after the Memoirs of U.S. Grant program at the Friends of the Austintown (OH) Library Meeting and Presentation on February 22, 2016:

“One woman [from the audience] was telling me that she really wasn't interested in history, but came because she was curious.  She told me how impressed she was with the dramatic nature of Grant's life and, in her words, she felt ‘spellbound.’”

From Dinner with the Presidents at Yours Truly Restaurant in Mentor, OH on February 15, 2016: 

“It’s just really great, especially because it’s on Presidents’ Day.  It makes it real, which is neat.  It’s not just something in a book.” ~ Stacy Neace, Mentor

“Personally, I was really impressed.  It was amazing.  I would definitely come again.  It was outstanding.” ~ Bonnie Swatowski, who said she was “especially impressed with how well the historians stayed in character.”

Comment on Facebook following George Washington’s appearance at the Northcoast Lions Club in Willowick, OH on February 9, 2016:

“One of the best programs that we have had!!” Greta Meyer Pate~ Attendee

From Widow Lucretia Garfield’s “Life after President Garfield” program at the NEO Civil War Round Table in Wickliffe, OH on January 12, 2016: 

“Ms. Weinkamer took on the persona of Lucretia Garfield around the turn of the century, reminiscing about her life with the martyred president and beyond.  She obviously has a wealth of knowledge about the first lady and she presented it in an organized and entertaining way.

She also brought a number of items (including several newspapers from the period) that she used to develop interest before our meeting began.  It was a fascinating evening.  We’ve had several We Made History presentations and Ms. Weinkamer certainly must be among the best of a very good group.”  ~ Franco Sperrazzo,  Events Coordinator

Received after Mary Todd Lincoln’s visit to the Strongsville (OH) Historical Society on November 17, 2015:

 “The attendance was about 70 individuals, much higher than our typical meeting of 40.  So I know the topic was interesting.  However, Marian’s many tidbits about Mary Todd Lincoln brought the positive comments from attendees.  She was able to answer all questions.  She and her stories of Mary Todd Lincoln were delightful.  I now know at least 6 things I didn’t know previously.  Thank you!’” ~ Jean Wittrock, Vice President

From Log Cabin to White House ~ the Life of President James A. Garfield performed for the Middlefield (OH) Historical Society on October 10, 2015: 

“This early northeast Ohioan, who had such an interesting and well-reputed career as educator, military leader, and renowned though short-lived presidency, was ably portrayed by Mr. Edward Haney.  Our sincere thanks to Mr. Haney/President Garfield, who presented this living memorial to a great Ohioan.”  ~ Gilberta Town

From Mary Todd Lincoln & Lucretia Garfield’s “Conversation” at the Western Reserve Society Sons of the American Revolution in Cleveland, OH on October 23, 2015: 

“Debbie and Marian were informative and entertaining.  This was one of our best programs.  Heard many compliments from members and guests.”  ~ William Shanklin,  1st Vice President, WRSSAR

Received after Abraham Lincoln’s appearance at the Ashtabula County (OH) Covered Bridge Festival on October 10 - 11, 2015: 

“He is a wonderful addition to any history-related event!  He always exceeds our expectations!”  ~ Ginger Whitehead

Received after James & Lucretia Garfield’s visit to the Watson Family Reunion held in Moreland Hills, OH on October 3, 2015:

 “The Garfields’ visit became the high point of our gathering.  Many thanks!’” ~ Katie & Jon Martin

From “Meet the Presidents” (Washington, Lincoln, Grant, Garfield, & Taft) at the Wadsworth (OH) Public Library on July 16, 2015: 

“It was a pleasure having you all out!  We had great feedback from the community!”  ~ Joe Risdon

Received after the Lincolns’ appearance at the Lincoln Funeral Train held in Painesville, OH on June 6 - 7, 2015:

 “The Kings (Lincolns) played a key role in making our Lincoln Funeral Train event a memorable day for our guests and a great success for our Painesville Railroad Museum.  Thanks again for your participation…it was greatly appreciated!’” ~ James Wendorf, President

Comments received after Widow Lucretia Garfield’s appearance at the UMW Rose Luncheon held in Norwalk, OH on June 3, 2015:

 “Debbie was so personable and warm.  We had so many favorable comments.  Everyone said what a great program it was.” ~ Nancy Hoffecker, UMW - Norwalk FUMC

Comment to James and Lucretia Garfield following their “Civil War Letters” program for Skye Bistro’s “Lunch & Lecture” series in Mentor, OH on May 5, 2015:

“You two are SO convincing!” ~ Attendee

From Mary Todd Lincoln’s visit to Normandy Senior Living in Rocky River, OH on April 24, 2015: 

“Amazing!”  ~ Jen Lee

Received after James Garfield’s appearance at the Mentor Christian Church fund raiser in Mentor, OH on March 21, 2015:

 “Mr. Haney is very professional.  It is always a wonderful program and we hear wonderful comments from all the guests.’” ~ Renee Simko, Secretary – MCC

Received after Mary Todd Lincoln’s afternoon at the Chardon Friends of the Library Tea in Chardon, OH on April  12, 2015:

“Mary Lincoln was a delightful presenter.  She joined the tea and interacted as Mary with the women attending.  Several were heard to comment after… ‘It’s like Mary was actually here.’  Thank you so much.” ~ Betty Wallis

Received after Lucretia Garfield’s appearance at the Upper St. Clair Coterie’s Luncheon  held in Pittsburgh, PA on April 9, 2015:

 “On behalf of everyone in attendance this afternoon, we want to say ‘Thank You’ for a most informative and entertaining program. Your portrayal of Lucretia transported us all back in time.  You truly did make history ‘come alive!’” ~ Marlene Ganassi & Charmaine Patterson (Luncheon Hostesses)

Comment to Lucretia Garfield following her program at the Eastlake (OH) Public Library on March 24, 2015:

“You can sure spin a good yarn!” ~ Attendee

From Eleanor Roosevelt’s visit to the Lakeland Woman’s Club in Lorain, OH on February 27, 2015: 

“You thought your were spending a wonderful afternoon with Eleanor!  Great outfit!”  ~ Ruth Roden (Second Vice-President – Program Chair)

Said by an audience member to Lucretia Garfield (a.k.a. Debbie Weinkamer) after her “Dear Wife & Mother” program for the Mentor Woman’s Club on October 13, 2014:

 “I thought this was going to be really boring…  But it wasn’t!!”

First question received following the “Conversation with Eleanor & Lucretia” program at the Painesville Senior Center on Tuesday, August 19, 2014:

 “Where were you when I was in history class?  It would have been more interesting…  and I would’ve learned a lot more!”

Heard after Eleanor Roosevelt’s program at the Tri-State Genealogical & Historical Society’s Armed Forces Day/Open House held in Newell, WV on May 17, 2014:

 “My wife made me stop cutting the lawn and go with her to this event.  Boy, am I glad I did!” ~ Husband, Audience Member

 From President Lincoln’s reading of the “Gettysburg Address” to accompany the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” played by the Port Clinton (OH) High School Band at their Sousa Concert on May 17, 2014:

 “Wow!  John is the best!  He and his wife were the highlight of our event.  Bravo!”  ~ Rod Miller, Band Director

 “Goosebumps!” ~ Jean Rhodes, Audience Member

 Received after We Made History’s visit to John McIntire Elementary School in Zanesville, Oh for their “A Night in History” on March 20, 2014:

 “A wonderful night!  I only wish they were closer to Zanesville so I could use them more often! ” ~ Kacey Cottrill, Principal

 “The students really enjoyed all the speakers.  I like how you brought props [about the presidential characters] to display.” ~ Literacy Team, Grades 4, 5, 6

 Received after President Taft’s performance at the Minnesota Masonic Charities in Bloomington, MN on February 22, 2014: 

“We thoroughly enjoyed having William Howard Taft as the keynote speaker for our dinner.”  ~ Deb Cutsinger, Executive Assistant

From teachers at Normandy Elementary School after the WMH troupe’s visit for “History Alive!” on February 13, 2014:

               “My students loved the assembly. (I did too!)  I have a few students who are really interested in American History and seeing the looks on their faces when the Presidents walked into the classroom [after the assembly] was priceless!  This was a new and successful idea.  Thanks!  Let’s do it again!”

              “We enjoyed the classroom visits very much.  The living historians were amazing!  I appreciated the detail of their costumes, hair, make-up, etc.  I also appreciated how they all focused on the importance of education.”

              “What a wonderful experience for the students to see presidents and first ladies up close and personal.  I loved the whole school together for such a patriotic assembly!” 

               “I loved how they stayed in character…  I also loved how a question from a student became a story about their [the President’s or First Lady’s] experiences.  What a memorable day for the students.”

Received after General Washington’s visit to the Valley of Youngstown, Scottish Rite on February 17th:

“Excellent program.  Very knowledgeable and informative.  More than worth the cost.” ~ Randal Davis

 After William H. Taft’s visit to Solon United Methodist (SUM Friends) on February 15, 2014:

Nancy C. Woerth added, “Mr. Liikala was very personable both as President Taft and as himself.  Everyone really enjoyed his presentation and said they learned a lot about our 27th President.”

 After President & Mrs. Lincoln’s visit on February 12, 2014 to Normandy Manor Retirement Community in Rocky River:

“We enjoyed the presentation.  It was nice that they went around to visit other residents and staff afterwards and we were able to take pictures.  Thanks.”  ~ Tammy Danilovic 


About Debbie Weinkamer as Lucretia Garfield: James R. Garfield II, the great-grandson of President James Garfield, used to say,

 “If I want to know anything about my ancestors, I ask Debbie.”

About Linda Laronge as Eleanor, after the Perry Library performance a patron declared,

 “You became her [Eleanor]!”. 

Debbie Weinkamer about Ed’s and her joint programs:

“We know we’ve convinced the audience that we are the Garfields when they ask, ‘Are you married in real life?’”


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