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Mathew Brady Studio

John W. King portrays

Abraham Lincoln

Skip Trombetti, Van’s Photos, Mentor, OH

16th President of the United States

For the past 25 years, John W. King has been telling the story of the 16th President during that great conflict.  John is a full-sized, first person portrayer of Lincoln at 6 feet 4 inches.  He gives a brief look at Abraham Lincoln’s life from the log cabin to the White House. His presentation can be from 15 minutes to an hour in length, followed by questions and answers.   

As a retired teacher, John educates his audience in a most entertaining manner.  He has brought Mr. Lincoln to life for school students, historical groups, civic groups, churches, clubs, a Law Day dinner, birthday party, Civil War rededications, festivals, and Memorial Day parades.  Group size has ranged from as few as 10 people, to as many as 350 students. 

At the Lake County Law Day Dinner, President Lincoln spoke for 15 minutes about his education and legal training, followed by questions and answers.  He was asked if he thought a former slave could ever be elected President.  His response was, "Probably not, but who would have thought someone born in a log cabin with less than a year of formal education could be President; so I guess anything is possible."

 As the dinner guest for an 80-year-old gentleman’s birthday party, Mr. Lincoln talked about the Civil War for about 45 minutes when the gentleman commented, “You’re my hero”.

 For information about bringing Abraham Lincoln to life for your group, please contact:

John W. King

**Lifetime Member ALP (Association of Lincoln Presenters)**



***Voted “Most Genuine-Looking Lincoln” – 2013 Lincoln Look-Alike Contest, Shriver House Museum, Gettysburg, PA***

Skip Trombetti, Van’s Photos, Mentor, OH.



We Made History’s own John W. King, won the “Lincoln Look-Alike Contest” at the Shriver House Museum in Gettysburg, PA on July 3, 2013 as part of the town’s 150th Anniversary of the Battle.  He was judged the most genuine-looking Abraham Lincoln of the group of contestants by James Getty (renowned Lincoln actor & historian from Gettysburg). In these photos he is wearing the medal he was awarded.



Skip Trombetti, Van’s Photos, Mentor, OH.


Lincoln speaks with some classes of students who are
 learning about our US Presidents

Lincoln shows letters in hat to students

Abraham Lincoln and Family (NY Times Photo)
(left to right) Mary Todd Lincoln, Willie, Robert, Thomas (Tad), President Lincoln


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