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Donald Miller portrays

Ulysses S. Grant

 U.S. Grant – c. 1884 (from  front cover of Grant’s Final Victory by Charles B. Flood, 2011)


18th President of the United States


"Memoirs of U.S. Grant - The Unknown Warrior"




 Donald Miller, as the elder Ulysses S. Grant, reveals the little known side of the 18th U.S. President’s life.  Experience the final five months with Grant at Mount McGregor, New York as he hurries to complete his manuscript and leaves a legacy for his family...

In the years following Ulysses S. Grant's presidency, there were serious concerns about his finances.  Prior to 1958, there was no federal pension for former presidents.  Deep in debt by 1884 due to disastrous investment decisions, the Grant family's situation was growing ever more dire when Mark Twain approached the past president in regards to writing a series of histories about his life.  Twain said that the people of that era were very interested in the adventure stories about the Civil War.  Grant immediately corrected him -- telling the famous novelist that, “The war was not an adventure, but a tragic part of American history.”

However, Grant would write an autobiography of his early life, with great detail paid to the war years.   Under severe duress because of the onset of throat cancer, Grant worked tirelessly day and night to finish the book.  Twain had offered a very generous contract, including 75% of the book’s sales as royalties. 

The 2-volume Memoirs became a tremendously popular read, selling into the millions after Grant’s death.   They were considered by many literary critics to be one of the finest 19th Century memoirs ever written.

For more information about bringing former General and President U.S. Grant to life for your group, please contact Don at bessmort9@roadrunner.com
or 440-543-2982.

Don previously worked at Lake View Cemetery (Garfield Monument & Wade Chapel docent), the James A. Garfield National Historic Site, and the Cleveland Museum of Art, and is well-versed in Civil War and Gilded Age history.  He very closely resembles President Grant in his 60s. 

 Photo from the Library of Congress (LOC ID #cph.3a10251)
  Grant poses with his place on the Presidents' Hall of Fame
U.S. Grant was honored to be asked to give the Memoriam address in Clyde, Ohio at the McPherson Cemetary.

U.S. Grant – after his Presidency
(c. 1880).

 Photo from the Library of Congress (LOC ID #ggbain 30680)

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