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Ruth Pangrace


First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt


Eleanor Roosevelt in New York City  - December 20, 1940            (Photo #5280 from http://docs.fdrlibrary.marist.edu/photo.html)



For more than 20 years, Ruth Pangrace has been portraying Eleanor Roosevelt. She also portrays First Lady Florence Harding with “Women in History” out of the Lakewood (OH) Library. http://www.womeninhistoryohio.com/


Please contact Ruth Pangrace via


or by calling 216-228-4779

Elliot Roosevelt (Eleanor’s father, Teddy’s brother) and his 3 children, 1891.  Eleanor is standing, third from left

Eleanor in wedding dress,
March 17, 1905





Eleanor, baby Anna, FDR, & Duffy dog


Above 4 photos are credited to : Franklin D. Roosevelt Library & Museum, Online Photos at http://www.fdrlibrary.marist.edu/

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We Made History- a group of living historical re-enactors who are more than impersonators of historical figures-they are serious portrayers of U.S. Presidents and First Ladies

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