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Deborah Weinkamer

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We Made History

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Celebrating Ed Haney’s portrayal of Civil War General & 20th US President James A. Garfield
1985 to 2018
                                                                   A Mighty Fine Run!                 
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Calendar of Upcoming Events
Last modified: 03/31/2019

Mon. 4/01/2019
Elyria, OH

“Civil War Life on the Homefront” - Lucretia R. Garfield - Portrayed by Debbie Weinkamer for the Quincy Gillmore Civil War Round Table - Spitzer Center, Lorain County Community College. 

Mon. 4/01/2019
Beachwood, OH

“A Visit with Abraham & Mary Lincoln” - Portrayed by John & Marian King for the Rose Institute of Lifelong Learning. Menorah Park Center for Senior Living - Miller Boardroom. 

Tue. 4/9/2019
Medina, OH

“A Visit with Mary Lincoln” - Portrayed by Marian King - for the “Circle of Friends”.

Thur. 4/11/2019 – Sun. 4/14, 2019
Amicalola Falls, GA
Association of Lincoln Presenters Annual Conference Our Abraham Lincoln, John King, will be attending. Museum and site visits, dinners, speakers, silent auction, train rides. All are welcome to attend this silver anniversary conference in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains!  For more information, please visit http://www.lincoln-presenters.org/2019-conference/.
Thur. 4/18/2019
Bay Village, OH

“Abraham Lincoln ~ Our 16th President - Portrayed by John King - at the Bay Village Branch Library – CCPL. *Free Program* 

Tues. 5/14/2019
Beachwood, OH

“Meet Abraham Lincoln” - Portrayed by John King  at the R. H. Myers Apartments, Menorah Park.

Fri. 5/24/2019
Vicksburg, MI

“A Visit with the Lincolns” - Portrayed by John & Marian King for Vicksburg Middle School’s Civil War Day at the Historical Society Village.

Mon. 5/27/2019
Coshocton, OH

"President George Washington" - Portrayed by Dale Fellows - for the Memorial Day Services Sponsored by the Coshocton County Veterans Service Office. Main St. Parade, followed by services at Coshocton Court Square.

Sat. 6/15/2019 – Sun. 6/16, 2019

President & Mrs. Abraham Lincoln - Portrayed by John & Marian King - for the Civil War Encampment at Historic Henderson Hall.

Thur. 6/20/2019
Wheeling, WV

“A Visit with Abraham Lincoln” - Portrayed by John Kingfor West Virginia (Statehood) Day. West Virginia Independence Hall. 

Mentor, OH

“Easter Monday Egg Roll” -  Hosted by First Lady Lucretia R. Garfield - Portrayed by Debbie Weinkamer - at the James A. Garfield National Historic Site. A Fee-Free Day! *Kid-friendly games, activities, egg hunts, & the Easter egg roll*

Thur. 7/04/2019
Ripley, WV

“Meet Abraham Lincoln” - Portrayed by John King - at the Ripley 4th of July Parade.

Sat. 7/6/2019
Greenville, PA

“A Visit with the Lincolns” - President & Mrs. Abraham Lincoln - Portrayed by John & Marian King for the 12th Annual Greenville Heritage Days Festival.

Sun. 7/14/2019
Ashtabula, OH

“Meet Abraham Lincoln” - Portrayed by John King at Walnut Beach Park. 

Fri. 8/23/ thru Sun. 8/25, 2019
Pierpont Twp, OH

“Meet Abraham Lincoln” - Portrayed by John W. King - at the 129th Annual Pierpont Pioneer Picnic.  *Free  family fun with food, games, and music*

Wed. 9/11/2019
Ashtabula, OH

“A Visit with the Lincolns”  -President & Mrs. Abraham Lincoln - Portrayed by John & Marian King - at the Patriot Day Tribute Concert.

Sat. 10/12/2019 – Sun. 10/12/2019
Jefferson, OH

“A Visit with Abraham Lincoln” -  Portrayed by John King for the 36th Annual Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Festival. Souvenirs, Crafts, Entertainment, Demonstrations, Quilt Show, Contests, Parade, Kids Rides/Games, Great Food.
**Free Admission**.  Plus Driving Tours of the 18 Covered Bridges of Ashtabula County.

Tues. 11/5/2019
Beachwood, OH

“Life after President Garfield” - Widow & Former First Lady Lucretia R. Garfield -  Portrayed by Debbie Weinkamer  for the Rose Institute – at Stone Gardens Assisted Living.


What we are 

Our troupe of first-person living historians from northeastern Ohio are more than impersonators or re-enactors.  We are serious portrayers of U.S. Presidents and First Ladies.  We have taken countless hours of study and research about these people from the past and have created an interpretation that captures the essence of their individual personalities.  We look at the totality of their lives and the times in which they lived and are not bound by modern-day political correctness or revisionist history.  These Presidents and First Ladies had very exciting lives without embellishing a moment!  Our troupe members reside in northeastern Ohio but can make arrangements to travel to other locations.


Who we are

Our past experiences include teaching, community theater, and providing interpretation, education, and research at the national presidential site in Mentor, Ohio.


What we do


We put our story-telling techniques to use in presenting programs in a most engaging and thought-provoking manner.  Re-enactment &  historical performances are tailored to your group’s interests and requirements, including photo opportunities and informal interactions.  Most programs are 40-minutes long, followed by a question-and-answer session.  However, we’ve been known to stroll at community events and local eateries, all in the name of educating the public about the Presidents and First Ladies.



Our presidential living historians have brought history to life for schools, historical societies, Civil War Roundtables, Civil War battlefield dedication, civic groups, libraries, ladies’ and men’s organizations, church groups, local public television shows, Garfield Family Reunions (current generations), and parades. Browse here to see some dates, locations and information of past performances.

We alter the performances of our historical re-enactments according to our audience needs and interests.  


How to find us

Contact Information:

 For general information regarding reasonable fees and bookings contact us at:

We Made History Living Historians
5999 Jane Drive
Mentor, OH 44060-2110
or email us individually

Mary Lincoln
TR & Edith Roosevelt
Abraham Lincoln
U.S. Grant
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The troupe members of “We Made History” (left to right):  Debbie Weinkamer (Lucretia Garfield)
 Don Miller (Grant), Marian King (Mary Lincoln),
John W. King (Lincoln), & Dale Fellows (Washington)

We are members of the National Registry of Living Historians www.learningwithease.com/registry/index.cfm


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We Made History- a group of living historical re-enactors who are more than impersonators of historical figures-they are serious portrayers of U.S. Presidents and First Ladies

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